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This is the manual to hUGETracker. I wrote this program because there wasn’t a music editing tool for the Game Boy which fulfilled the following requirements:

  • Has a tracker interface
  • Produces small output
  • Is usable for homebrew titles
  • Is open-source

But now there is!

I’d like to acknowledge:

  1. Eldred “ISSOtm” Habert, who helped me navigate the Game Boy’s peculiarities, and for writing an alternative sound driver for the tracker;
  2. Tony “Toxa” Pavlov, who helped work on the sound driver and did super valuable work on integration with GBDK-2020;
  3. Coffee “Valen” Bat, for a crazy amount of testing, documentation, code, and support for new users;
  4. Michael “Calindro” Stegmaier for Emulicious, a super-accurate emulator that is invaluable for debugging
  5. Evelyn “Eevee” Woods, whose article on the Game Boy sound system was valuable in writing the music driver;
  6. B00daW, for testing and debugging support on Linux;
  7. Lior “LIJI32” Halphon for SameBoy, a super-accurate emulator which I used for debugging, and copied the LFSR code from;
  8. Christian Hackbart for creating UGE, which serves as hUGETracker’s emulation core;
  9. Rusty Wagner for writing the sound code which was adapted for UGE;
  10. The team who created RGBDS, the assembler used for building ROMs from songs;
  11. The GBDev community, the GBDK-2020 community, and the GBStudio community.

I hope you enjoy composing in hUGETracker, and if you make any cool songs, I’d love to hear from you and potentially include them as demo tunes that come with the tracker.

Join the hUGETracker discord and get in touch!

—Nick “SuperDisk” Faro